Top tech gadgets and software for home and play

Not everyone lives and breathes technology. Some people just look at tech as a way to solve problems, and don’t want to spend hours researching things, reading manuals and trawling forums. These people want the simplest tool to carry out the job. Here’s a list of gadgets and software tools for people who want a tech solution to make life simpler and more fun.

Amazon Echo Dot

I have a love/hate relationship with voice-controlled devices, but the Amazon Echo Dot is an exception.

The Echo Dot is small, unobtrusive, adorable, easy to use, and very flexible. And once you master a few commands, it’s actually very powerful.

Excellent bit of kit, especially for those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime, and it’s only $50.

Nomad Key

No point carrying around a battery pack to recharge a smartphone if you don’t have a cable with you. My portable cables of choice are the $20 Nomad Keys. There’s one for the Apple Lightning port and a micro USB version for Android and other devices.

Amazon Fire HD8

A powerful and fully-featured tablet for $90 would have once been unthinkable, but the Amazon Fire HD8, with it’s 8-inch display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, and 12-hour battery is a force to be reckoned with.

The ideal tablet for someone who just wants to keep things simple.

Anker PowerCore Mini

The Anker PowerCore Mini is a small, portable battery power pack that can help top up my smartphone to keep it going through the long days.

A steal for $12!


You definitely know someone who reuses passwords or who writes others on notes stuck to their PC?

1Password is the perfect way to protect passwords across all devices.

Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm

This is ideal for those of us where every cooking session seems to end with a few minutes of frantically waving a dishcloth at the smoke alarm.

The Nest Protect alarm combines a high-end smoke and CO detector with handy features such as an automatic path light and the ability to hush it remotely using a smartphone instead of a dishcloth.

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